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Via Saluzzo 49/D Torino - Italy

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Chocolate Wedding Experience

Your chocolate experience in Italy

An original and unique experience in Piemonte exploring one of our excellence:

His Majesty The Chocolate.

Everybody knows Piemonte for wine, hills, vineyard and truffle, but we would like to suggest you a less known but very historical culinary tradition Experience.

You can start with a romantic walk to discover hazelnuts: excellence of the Langhe. At the right time of the year you will attend or can participate in their collection phase.

And then,  why not relax yourself in a unique and exclusive chocolate-themed SPA to keep your experience to a top level of sweetness ?

You will have the opportunity to visit ancient chocolatiers in the splendid city of Turin, one of the biggest and most historical cities in northern Italy and the first Italian capitol city.

 Choose to live and share with your guests, one of the lesser known specialties of our territory, but absolutely unmissable. Chose a younique and original style for your Wedding.

You will have a Wedding as sweet, original and unforgettable as our best chocolate.


Best up to 50


Torino, Langhe

Any Seasons

Best Fall and Winter


Food, Wellness, Tradition


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