Pensieri idee e suggerimenti di felicità. Per chi come noi crede che l'amore sia tutto ciò di cui abbiamo bisogno!
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Wedding in Vineyard

Your wine experience in Italy

A romantic and very chic wedding with style.

Here we are in a place that has made its pride and fame of nature and hard work: the Langhe, UNESCO heritage.

The colors of the earth, the wines, the rolling hills and the beautiful ‘Monvigliero Vineyard Villas’ inspired us to create an intimate wedding that was incredibly simple, and at the same time extremely well cared for.

There are spaces where it is enough to insert a few details, well balanced, harmonized and cared for in the right way, to create magic!

A few hints to the flower of the wine, a white and very delicate flower, and branches intertwined with extreme elegance were enough to create a bond between our couple and this territory, that always welcomes us with open arms.

We are in the land of wine and we want to pay homage to its product of excellence by using some old glass bottles for the preparation of the ceremony area, filling them with wild and spontaneous wildflowers.

We decided to use some decorative elements made with iron wire to recall the structure of the intertwining of the vines. Also the cake topper is made on a theme, like a branch that extends towards the top.

Marriage, like any other festive event, is nothing more than the completion of love, joy and happiness and it can only be so when you immerse yourself in so much beauty.

There are moments that deserve to be lived and remembered, full of details that remain etched in the eyes: the painted sky, the bright green of the meadows, the prestigious wines, the refinement of the food, exactly what we want. Working together with a well-harmonized group, in which everyone brings all the best of their professionalism, can only make us feel good and create something unique.

You can celebrate your country chic, wine style wedding here.

We can arrange the wedding celebration directly at the location.

We can offer you many different activities nearby, the spend the best time with your guest.

The location can accommodate up to 50 of your guests for overnight stays.

You will be able to celebrate these unique moments all together in a private location with swimming pool, a chic style and an incomparable view of the splendid Langhe.

Try here the best of Italian food and wine!


Best up to 80


Langhe e Roero

Any Seasons

Best Spring and Fall


Food, Wine, Nature


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